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Most Common Names in the Sutphin Family Tree

Sutphin, John (387) Sutphin, Mary (344) Sutphin, William (325)
Sutphin, James (262) Sutphin, Charles (186) Sutphin, Robert (160)
Sutphin, Sarah (125) Sutphin, Elizabeth (114) Sutphin, David (111)
Sutphin, Michael (111) Sutphin, Martha (93) Sutphin, Richard (93)
Sutphin, George (90) Sutphin, Joseph (86) Sutphin, Thomas (84)
Sutphin, Linda (79) Sutphin, Margaret (77) Sutphin, Susan (75)
Sutphin, Ruth (68) Sutphin, Jennifer (65) Sutphin, Nancy (64)
Sutphin, Edward (63) Sutphin, Christopher (62) Sutphin, Amanda (59)
Sutphin, Donald (58) Sutphin, Daniel (53) Sutphin, Ronald (53)
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