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Census Records

Census records can provide some of the richest information about your ancestors. We have all available US Census records from 1790 - 1940. Each record has the potential to return a ton of information, including age, location, relatives, other household members, education level, and a lot more. For 1940 we also have the actual Census images so you can see directly what was reported. Hundreds of millions of records are available to search.

Birth Records

Birth records are one type of vital record and are great when trying to identify a maiden name or locate where someone was born. Data that might be returned include name, date of birth, Father's name, Mother's name, Mother's maiden name, gender, county of birth, and more. We have 76,215,153 birth records going back all the way to 1905.

Death Records

Death records can help you find the last location of an ancestor. Data that may be returned include name, address, date of birth, date of death. Our data comes directly from the US Social Security Death Index database (SSDI) and contains nearly 100 million records going back to 1936.

Marriage Records

Marriage records are another important vital record that can yield tons of great insights. Data returned include names of the bride and groom, their ages, the marriage date, marriage county, state, certificate number, volume number, and more. We currently have 28,885,767 marriage records going all the way back to 1820.

Divorce Records

Divorce records can be helpful when identifying important events in your ancestor's life. Information returned includes the names and ages of the parties, the state, county, divorce date, marriage date, and the certificate number. We have 6,005,947 records going back to 1968.

Living People Records

Our living people records are some of our most in-depth. They have been compiled from hundreds of sources going back over 40 years. They include current and past addresses, possible aliases, all known relatives, and phone numbers. There is no other database like this on any other genealogy sites. If you need to find someone that's currently alive or recently deceased, they will be in this database. It contains over 1.6 billion records.

World War II Personnel Records

Our World War II enlistment records can help you find relatives who fought in WW2. Data includes name, birth year, enlistment date, race, marital status, education level, serial number, enlistment term, and more. See if your grandfather or great grandfather was in the war.

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