Family List (6,832)
Of The Burgundians, 2nd Wife Sigismund 523 - Est. Date. Family Tree
Mrs. Isaac Ludlam, Abigail 1705 Wilmington, North Carolina, United States Family Tree
White, Lord, Abigail 1606 Family Tree
Carpenter, Abigail, Mrs 1522 - Leiden, Holland Family Tree
Of Alsace, Adaltrut 750 - Germany Family Tree
Ponthieu, Adelina, Of Holland 990 Somme, Picardie, France Family Tree
De Nantes, Adeltrude 860 - Est. Date Family Tree
Le Thrace, Aelia Verina 410 - Est. Date. 480 - Isauria Family Tree
Aethelswith, Queen Of Mercia, "Æðelswyð" 838 - Wessex, England 888 - Pavia, Italy Family Tree
De Beaumont, Agnes, Mrs, De Normandie Beaumont, Oise, Picardie, France Maine, Charente, Poitou-charentes, France Family Tree
Of Kent, Alburga 809749 - Kent, England 909803 - Aged 54, Kent, England Burial Details Unknown Memorial 197524363 Family Tree
Wynterheigh, Alice, Celtic 1383 1411 Family Tree
Piggott, Alice, Mrs. 1525 Family Tree
Fitz, Alicia 1000 - Lancashire, England Family Tree
De Paris, Amaltrude, Of Paris 724 784 Family Tree
D'aubigny, Amice, "Avice" France Saint-martin-d'aubigny, France Family Tree
De Lombardie, Ana 440 - Est. Date. Germany Family Tree
Mountjoy, Andicitia 1230 Great Britain, Mountjoy, Worcestershire, England Family Tree
Of Rouen, Angadrisma, Saint City Of Paris, Île-delaware-france, France Family Tree
Mrs William Hughes 1st, Ann 1686 - Gloucester County, New Jersey, United States Gloucester County, New Jersey, United States Family Tree
Mrs Edward French, Ann 1590 Hampton, New Hampshire, United States Family Tree
Mrs William Bowne, Ann 1610 - England, United Kingdom 1670 - Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States Family Tree
Fuller, Ann, Mrs 1585 - Redenhall, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom 1621 - Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States Family Tree
Jennings, Ann, Mrs Warwickshire, Birmingham, England, UK 24 Dec 1671 - Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, UK Family Tree
Rumford, Weatherby, Ann, Mrs 1709 - Greenwich, Gloucester County, New Jersey, USA Family Tree
Wisham, Ann, Mrs 1750 - Germany, Poss United Kingdom 1 Oct 1824 - Waterford, Camden, New Jersey, USA Family Tree
Kendall, Knott, Jennings, Ann 1655 1690 - After 1690, Burlington, Njburlington, Burlington, New Jersey Family Tree
Smit, Smith, Smythe, Goulder 1st., Anna Catharyn, Immigrant 1623 - New Amsterdam, Vereinigte Staaten, New York 25 Nov 1672 - Gravesend, Brooklyn, New York, Burial Gravesend Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Family Tree
Cramer, Anna, Immigrant 1728 1813 - Cumberland County, New Jersey, USA Family Tree
Mrs William Gransden, Anne 1546 - Kent, England, United Kingdom 19 Mar 1582 - Tunbridge, Kent, England, Burial St Mary The Virgin Churchyard Stansted, Tonbridge And Malling Borough, Kent, England Family Tree
Searles, Anne, Mrs 1675 Essex, England, United Kingdom Family Tree
Bancroft, Anne 1504 - Chellaston, Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK 1578 - Chellaston, Derby, Derbyshire, England, UK Family Tree
Horseman, Knapp, Anne 1532 - Wetheringsett, Suffolk, England 1609 - Wetheringsett, Suffolk, England Family Tree
Mrs Samuel Shaw, Annie 1850 New Jersey, United States Family Tree
Anthemius Family Tree
Augustus, Artemisia, First Wife 325 - Est. Date. Cilicia, Southern (Mediterranean) Coast Of Turkey. 527366 - Valens Had His Rival Executed By Being Fastened To Two Trees Bent Down With Force; When The Trees Were Released, Procopius Was Ripped Apart. Family Tree
Of The East Franks, Athildis, D/o Gautier 268 - Circa 268 Germany 300 - Possibly Childbirth, Germany Family Tree
Saint Hilary, Aveline 1109 - Dalling, Norfolk, England 1130 - Somme, Picardy, France Place Of Burial:harcourt, Eure, Upper Normandy, France Family Tree
Of Cartagena, Aviena 467 720527 - Cartagena, Spain Family Tree
De L'aigle, Beatrice 1120 - Est. Date. L'aigle, Orne, France L'aigle, Orne, France Family Tree
Berenger, King Of Italy, "Berengario I" 842 - Friuli-venezia-giulia, Italy 407924 - Murdered, Verona, Province Of Verona, Veneto, Italy,by One Of His Own Men Family Tree
Lancaster, Beaumont, Blanche, Duchess Of Lancaste, Of Lancaster Lincolnshire, England Family Tree
De Toledo, Brasilia 455 515 - Toledo, Castile-louisiana Mancha, Spain. Family Tree
Amantius, Caeionia Marina, De Rome 260 - Rome, Roma, Italy Rome, Roma, Italy Family Tree
Nicomachus, Caesonia, Asinii 190 - Est. Date 218 - After 0218, Probably Childbirth. Family Tree
Piso, Calpurnia 55 Family Tree
De Narbonne, Caratene, Burgundy 387 447 - Spain Family Tree
De Laon, Cario 705 - Est. Date Family Tree
De Chalon Or Omont, Castricia, De Dijon Family Tree
Mrs. Israel Nichols, Catherine 1785 - New Jersey, United States Burlington County, New Jersey, United States Family Tree