Family List (356)
D'heristal, Alpaide Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium (Bbetween 617 And 677) 1216714 - Jauche, Walloon Region, Belgium Family Tree
Aubert Family Tree
Basil Family Tree
Du Maine, Bilichilde 895 Family Tree
Charlemagne, "Charles The Great" 402742 - Unknown, Probably Belguim Oregon Germany 128814 - Aachen, North Rhine-westphalia, Germany Family Tree
Concessa Family Tree
Thayer, Constance Apr 1507 - Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England 4 Mar 1576 - Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England Family Tree
Engelberga 826 - Altorf, Swabia, Germany 900 - Saint Salvador Abbey, Brescia, Province Of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy Family Tree
Engeltrude 804 - Amiens, Somme, Nord-pas-delaware-calais-picardie, France 883 - Arles, Bouches-du-rhone, Provence-alpes-côte D'azur, France Family Tree
Engeltrude 804 - Amiens, Somme, Nord-pas-delaware-calais-picardie, France 883 - Arles, Bouches-du-rhone, Provence-alpes-côte D'azur, France Family Tree
Esther Family Tree
De Creil, Geile, "The Venerable" Belleme, Perche, France (Around 895) 981 - (Was Around 82 To 90 When She Died) Family Tree
Geoffroy Family Tree
Du Maine, Godehilde, "De France" 864 - France 907 - Le Mans, Departement Delaware Delaware Sarthe, Pays Delaware Delaware Loire, France Family Tree
Godehilde Family Tree
(De Creil), Godehildis 930 - Ponthieu, Ain, Rhone-alpes, France 1004 - Normandie, France (Notre Dame Delaware, Belleme) Family Tree
De Therouanne, Gundolde Family Tree
Hildberg Family Tree
Coles, Kathleen 1541 - Glastnbury, Somersetshire, England Family Tree
Mary 1767 1830 Family Tree
Aertsd, Metgen 1578 - Beusichem, Gelderland, Netherlands Family Tree
Aertsd, Metgen Family Tree
Pouwel, N N 1563 - Aachen, Koeln, Germany Family Tree
Wijllern, N N Family Tree
Vandergrift, N N 1509 - Netherlands Family Tree
Detorrington, N. N. 1113 Family Tree
Du Maine, N. N. (Born Between 861 And 919) Family Tree
N. N. 724 Family Tree
De Torrington, N.n. 1136 Family Tree
N.n. 724 Family Tree
Richard, II, "The Justicer" 867 - Bourgogne, France (Around 867) 901921 - Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne, France (Between 50 And 58) Family Tree
Richard 790 - France 830 - Amiens, Somme, Hauts-delaware-france, France Family Tree
(Frankish Empire), King Louis, II 1101825 - Austrasia, Frankish Empire 812875 - Ghedi, Brescia, Regno Di Langobardi (D'italia), Frankish Empire Family Tree
Aemilii, Aemilia Paulla Family Tree
Aertsd, Aert 1574 - Beusichem, Gelderland, The Netherlands Family Tree
Aertsd, Aert Aertsd (Born Between 1535 And 1595) Family Tree
Aertsd, Gijsberts, Geertgen 1602 - Beusichem, Buren, Gelderland, The Netherlands 1642 - Sud-holland, Netherlands Family Tree
Agilofing, Gotfrid (D'alemanie) 637 - Canstatt (Stuttgart), Frankish Empire (Germany) 709 - Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany (Between 68 And 76 Years Old) Family Tree
Agilolfing, Huoching (D' Alemanie) 675 744 Family Tree
Allen, Margaret Family Tree
Allen, Virgie Rebecca 1892 - North Carolina Family Tree
Apollinaire, Sidoine 1105430 - Lyon, 69001, Rhône, Rhône-alpes, France 821488 - Clermont, France Family Tree
Appalii, Gavia Family Tree
Appalii, M. Gavius Vel. Appalius Maximus Family Tree
Appalii, T. Appalius T.f. Vel. Alfinus, (Ii) Family Tree
Appalii, T. Appalius, (I) Family Tree
Aquilii, Aquilia Nigrina Family Tree
Aristocrat, N. N. Mainz, Rhineland-palatinate, Germany (Between 660 And 720) Family Tree
Asinii, Asinia Praetextata Family Tree
Austin, Rachel 1803 1855 - Yancey, North Carolina, USA Family Tree

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